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January 2016 – back at work with “only 3865 more to go!”

34 start shed erection jan16 (1a)  34 start shed erection jan16 (4)  34 start shed erection jan16 (3)  34 start shed erection jan16 (2)

Nuts on washers, that is……. not work days left in the year !

From Mike Lawton, who with Richard, Steve and Andrew braved sub-zero conditions to make a start on erecting the shed on the newly completed concrete base.

Mike writes ;

“It was quite quiet over Christmas, but before the break the concrete was finished and all the gutters were put in place (or not, as the case was), and fixed down using threaded bolts and nuts. We also took delivery of the scaffolding with thanks to Graham’s builder. 

Four of us met yesterday and erected the scaffolding before attempting to raise the first hoop. We partially succeeded, but unfortunately it decided that it no longer wanted to stay upright. There was very little damage done though, but it also helped us realise the bottom gutters were not placed in the correct order and that one of them was needed to be placed first. Once this little challenge was complete we proceeded to assemble 3 parts to each half of the arch which can be lifted into place. By the end of the day we have 6 halves ready for assembly, and ideally we would like to get them all assembled before the erection of the shed begins! 

 A few more days of half arch assembly is now needed, then we should hopefully get the majority of it complete shortly afterwards weather permitting. “

 Here are a few pictures of the work completed, including one of our esteemed chairman putting washers on nuts…he estimated  “only 3865 more to go!…”